Saturday, March 25, 2006

Please Vote for me!

I summitted a recipe that I made for a Triple Layer Irish Breakfast Tea Cake.. We had it for St.Patricks Day it's was Yummy! You can cast your vote here theres lots of free recipes and some really good ones from others as well. this one's mine
You don't need to join or be a tea drinker either to vote for me....;o)))
but of course you can sign up for a free sample through the tea link on my sidebar at the top.. You'll recieve a $5 gift certificate to try anything you'd like or $5 off your order and I get 10 points once you redeem your $5 gift certificate. Enjoy!
Thank you!


Martita said...

That recipe sounds kind of good. I never thought of baking with tea.

kat said...

sounds yummy.

debiknits said...

Hi Michelle -
I just voted for your recipe. I am printing it out right now and will try to make it this weekend. Will let you know what everyone thinks (ie, Mom and Gram).



crazycatladymel said...


Bummer. It wouldn't let me get a certificate (since I just ordered). I wonder if I get one with a different email, will it let me redeem it on my main account?

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love Stash tea - what I've had so far - but I'm not so impressed with how slow they are. Adiago is more likely to get my business, unless I find tea at Stash I can't live without. Amazon's screwed up too many order of mine to get any more business, but I'm glad you got your press quickly! I can't wait for mine to get here.