Monday, March 13, 2006

Package On its way!

Ok I think I'm safe! My SP is away until next week... So she's not stalking me now ;o))...If I planned it right she'll have this awaiitng for her when she gets home! It was so much fun putting this one together. The PO lady just LOVED my creative packaging... Although she cut of my string and bow on the outside. Which was ok used more tape instead... On one end you can actually see the strap hanging out, on top I used a skein of handspun and as you can see it's packed with goodies I'm sure she'll enjoy! ;o)) I'm anxious for her to find this one thats for sure.....I've had alot of fun this round, getting to know my SP and spoiling her....Now I'm done I get to look forward to seeing what my Sp has done for me.. She's been so thoughtful and wonderful for sure! I'm looking forward to finding out who she is.. I still have no clues!

back to my Jaywalkers, they'be been so neglected these days almost done too!


Katie said...

WOOHOO! Your SP is one lucky duck. I ♥ your felted bag--how cool!


Wow, you've been so busy while I've been poorly darlin'!

I love the felted bag, where did you get the pattern from?

Jennifer said...

I love Spinning Bunny!

Great looking packages you've received lately.

Beverly said...

That was the most festive package I've ever gotten!! Thank you!! xxx