Monday, November 13, 2006

Boat, Icky Dough N Cookies!!

We were going to my cousins to help frame and shrink wrap the boat yesterday and I was baking a huge batch of Nestles chocolate chip cookies to take with us...Had to run to the store in the morning quickly and picked up a small box of baking soda.

Now who doesn't eat batter when making cookies?

I had cookies in the oven and eating batter while they were baking the kids were so good waiting patiently for those nice warm gooey cookies to be done.

So I thought the batter tasted a little funny, then had some more thinking well I did brush my teeth, so eat some more.....Then it still tasted funny to me!!! ewwww! Now I'm feeling a it ill. hmmm ok I'll rinse my mouth and try some more... ewwwww! Ick! No nothing is wrong, I can't small very well since it's only been a couple months of so since the sinus surgery...eww What is it!! Immediately check all my ingredients for expiration dates, you know eggs, vanilla, flour sugar everything.. Last but not least I find the small box of baking soda thinking no way just bought!
Well guess what??? Look!!!

Not it's not expired but it's same color box and it's Cat Litter Deodorizer with baking soda & fragrance... Checked the box what in the world in is this crap???!! No listed ingredients anywhere on the package at all!! I do know from soap making & science education that the baking soda should be listed as sodium bicardonate
Gezz they do have an '800' number listed.. call it to see what the ingredients are.. Well not open only during business hours during the week but in case of immediate medical information is needed call this '888' number.. Ok call that number I know from fragrance as essential oil not fragrance can be safe but some are certainly not. I didn't panic though I knew I'd just feel ill and it's go away eventually not harmful but more curious as to what is in this stuff!!... Someone did answer and they have no clue as to whats in it because it's not listed on the package!
They are contracted to answer calls for several companies not just Arm & Hammer and don't no whats in the products... Thats no to comforting to know....

Needless to say It was quite disappointing, tossed remaining batter & cooked cookies in the trash. Explained to the kids what happened and my DS was more concerned about me then the cookies, how sweet, I reassured him I'd be just fine not to worry and lets continue on with our day... Appartently I was told the house smelled good!! HA!HA!!

Some good news I didn't let the kids eat the cookies or any batter!!! So I saved them from being ill!

Off to the boat we go..
They couldn't believe it was me who did something like this.. SO not in my character at all!! So all day everyone checked their food to make sure I didn't try to poison anyway, then the guys insisted on take out for dinner.. heehee hee

Worked out perfectly no cooking all day...DH thinks something is wrong with me. Well yeah!! I'm not getting enough oxygen to my brain everyday, so forgive me! (recently I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and am waiting for machines to arrive shortly)As soon as I did eat I felt even more ill some headache other then that I'll be fine...It's this odd taste that has been lingering on persistently thats annoying!

Now the boat is all framed & wrapped, you just know

the snow and cold weather isn't to far away..


Rain said...

Oops. I hope you feel ok.

trek said...

Now that is gross. Hope you're okay.

kris said...

OMG! My jaw dropped when I saw the picture of what it was!!! Thank goodness you tasted some and no one got really sick! But ewww, I can imagine the lingering taste on your tongue! Hope you get well soon!

Diane said...

OMG! My cookies would have gone out like that since I never taste any of the goodies I bake.

Sorka said...

Oh dear that is just tooo funny!! and not funny all at the same time!
Sounds like something I would do!

Annie said...

Oh my GOD! I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard!! Can imagine your next rem infusion

"How has your stomach been?"

"Well, I felt kind of ill last week, but as it turns out, I'd just eaten some cat litter deodorizer... you know how that goes!"

Bwahahahaha!!! TOTALLY something I'd do!!


Oh My Lord.

I hope you are feeling OK today.

It was a very funny moment when I scrolled down and saw that Cat Litter picture though. Very funny!

kat said...

wow what a crazy story

Anonymous said...

They say you're not supposed to eat raw cookie dough anymore because of salmonella in the eggs now anyway. I hope you're feeling better!!

Anne said...

Hi, you don't know me but I just did EXACTLY the same thing!!!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's picked up the wrong bright yellow box...