Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Crystal Palace Bamboozle Review

each skein is 55% Bamboo, 24% Cotton, & 21% Elastic Nylon. 4-5sts/inch (16-20sts/10cm, 8-10 needles (5-6mm) 90yds/50gr
Handwash or machine wash, gentle cycle, dry flat. Due to elastic content use 1 size larger needle than you might expect to use.

Great for knitting all kinds of stuff, sweaters, afghans, hats, mitts, vests, jackets, and especially don't forget Socks!

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting with this yarn and many others, I have had the pleasure. I especially love the high content of bamboo and with the perfect amount of elasticity. So soft and cozy and actually warm too! Just a tad splitty at beginning but this is not at all a problem once you've started with your knitting. It's not a high/tighter twisted type yarn, which also accounts to it's extra suitable softness which we all love.

I only used 83 grams out of 150 grams of yarn with a 9-10" leg per sock

Generous leftovers 70gr! With 1 additional sk in the pink and there'd enough for 1 pair adult size and 1 pair child size socks or enough leftovers for another small project so nothing is wasted.

Here I used US 3 needles cast on 48 sts & US 2 for heel & foot for US size 8 socks
for a gauge of 8sts/inch
Using 3 new colors to test with. An Ann Norling Pattern #12A in a Pebble Rib



Look they put my socks up on their website here

I give this yarn a 2 thumbs up for sure! ;o))


Mandy said...

Those are wonderful socks!! I am really liking the colors!! I am going to have to give this one a try!! Happy knitting!!

Carolyn said...

Ooh I like. Lovely icing sugar colours and the pattern you chose works really well.
Great review!

Zonda said...

Awesome job!! Love them! :)

Annie said...

Those socks are fab! Love them!!

aija said...

Very nice!