Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crystal Palace New Yarn

Coming soon Bamboozle New colors for the Spring 2007.. They are absolutely gorgeous! This scan on a sock in progress does them no justice..

I'm using 3 colorways for this one in Crystal Pink #0205, Painted Iris #9800 & Powder Blue #2201
It's joy to knit with so very soft and a WHOPPING High percent 55% Bamboo!! 24% Cotton & 21% elastic nylon. Great for those who want to use a non-animal yarn for a nice fabric and did I mention so very silky soft and nice wearing socks!
Huge Thank You for everyone over at Crystal Palace for bringing this wonderful new addition to all of us!

wait to I scan and show you the Gorgeous New Panda Cotton!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! Those are gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to see them all finished. I would never take them off. The colors are just so pretty!!

Knit Mongrel said...

Well thank you for enabling... I'm off to buy that yarn NOW. Stunning. :)

Zonda said...

That is gorgeous yarn! Looks soft, hows it to knit with?

Rain said...

Ooh that's pretty.

Pam said...

The yarn is beautiful, and looks so soft!

Batty said...

That's gorgeous all right! And it's so shiny, I love it!

jpknits said...

Very pretty.

Crystal Palace Yarns said...


I just got the photo of the completed Bamboozle sock up on our Preview Socks page - I can't wait to "meet it in person"!

Here's the link

thanks so much for the knitting!

Susan at CPY