Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Finally Panda Cotton by Crystal Palace Yarns

Without further ado! Here's what you've been waiting for.

This yarn is gorgeous to look at, feels like nothing I've ever felt. You can feel the cotton but yet you can't. I especially like the way to colors blend. Perfect Stretch.

55% Bamboo
24% Cotton
21% Elastic Nylon

Handwash or machine wash with cool water on Gentle cycle. Dry Flat (I hang mine with clips of a hanger)
6-8 sts per inch/24-28 sts/10cm
1-2.5 US Needles
170 yds/50gr

Color 0439 Night Lights

very minor pooling effect at the beginning of the gussets otherwise they knit perfectly, not knots!! No splitting either!Yeah!

Perfect cast on

so very comfey

close up of pattern

I used RPM pattern by sock prOn
on size 1 US needles, the large size and knit to fit a US size 8
I think it was the perfect match for the yarn with a little leftover from each ball
I do recommend using a sparper pointed needles
very smooth knitting all the way around!
Thank you for the opportunity to be amoung the first to play with it! I would definately use again!

Look for them sometime next month!


Mandy said...

Those are nice looking socks!! I like the yarn!! Very nice colors!!

Pam said...

I love the yarn! The pattern is so cool.

Rain said...

They look great.

cpurl17 said...

What cute socks! Those colors will perk up the coldest winter day!

Dipsy D. said...

Now, these are definitely the perfect socks! Fantastic colorway, beautiful pattern, and they look oh so soft and comfy - as I said: Perfect!