Thursday, December 14, 2006

Early Morning Surgery Today!

Yes AGAIN! Which I've still been having follow up appointments with the surgeon in his office for removal of continuousness of nasal blood clots and nasties! Those of you who remember I had the nastiness of all sinus surgeries mid August (this year) well, last month I had A tough time with 2 sleep studies for sleep apnea that I couldn't breathe through the masks properly!
Now 2 weeks ago I had another follow up appointment and I mentioned how I've been diagnosed with the sleep apnea and had 2 sleep labs and 2 studies with different equipment and can't seem to breathe through those masks.
Well he reads my chart as we're talking and
'Ohh I know why!!'
hmm I don't like the sounds of that!

'WE didn't finish your original surgery in August!'

'What! WHY?!' I blurted out!

'Well it was so complex and took so long, we had you under to long and weren't able to finish'

What? How?

'but we'll fix it right away for you'

"expect it'll be about the same if not worse'

Ohhh Lucky me!

So here I'm getting ready in a few hours for early morning surgery again the nurse called last night to tell me it was bumped up to 6:30-7am! and to be there an hour early.
These people just don't get it, I have sleep apnea, don't sleep well, can't use the equipment, am a night person NOT a morning person! I have kids that need to get off to school!
I took the pain meds for about a good 3 weeks before I could go completely without it and tolerate the pain!!

I had such a crazy couple weeks, being ill, sick kids, pre-op appointments, 2 trips to the dealership 1/2 hour away for transmission problems still not fixed waiting for parts to come in (mind you my car is a 2005!), a friend passed away Monday morning from cancer which we thought she'd hang on through the holidays, we've spent alot of time together being sick and in/out of the hospital, having treatments, etc. So I cooked alot for her family! (pork roast, 1/2 ham, meatballs, sausages, chicken, wingettes, 4 lbs salad, veggies, chicken ceaser salad, cookies, brownies, muffins, breads, sauce, cheeses, etc. Can't even remember what else......
My neighbor and friend had surgery on Monday (polops removed and trec too) ( she also has laryaxic cancer, which I've tried to help them out as much as possible as well).

My washer broke Monday afternoon and isn't spinning or agitating! I did mangae to get my Dh and children together to a photographer for some pictures that were long over due!

Hmm needles to say I recently started on Christmas shopping, neglected knitting gifts and other projects. Cleaned house, grocery shopped , delivered foods, attended 1 party, 3 loads of laundry at a laundry mat!, striped beds, PO runs, gift shopping & wrapping, etc.

Next up Surgery in the next few hours, home with kids, DH at work, tomorrow night wake, Saturday morning Funeral, Saturday company Holiday dinner party, Sunday church which I'm a Eucharist minister and money collector, then my daughter has religious education, then I get to rest up..
Looks like my recovering will have to wait until next week! YIKES!
I sure hope I'm not totally back & blue. Last time was minor but if this is worse I'm sure the bruising will be too! Lots of pain meds and make up this weekend I guess! Good thing Dh will be doing the driving & cooking (or take out)

hmm anything that can go wrong should ASAP!! Bring it on!!

LOL Have to have a little humor! Helps to get through it!

Looks like I may have to wrap a few IOU's....

So what's next??


cpurl17 said...

I hope the procedure goes well. Don't worry about getting everything done for Christmas--your health is the most important gift!

javede said...

I hope everything goes well!

Patience said...

I only just started reading your blog, but it sounds like the world needs to recognize you're having problems this year. Wakes and funerals are hard to skip, but I'd make a whole bunch of what you listed outside the house optional. You're having surgery to fix a problem that already has you down for pitty sakes!

Michelle said...

I wish you the best for your surgery today! And a speedy recovery too <3

Kristina said...

I hope your surgery goes well and that you are able to breathe normally afterwards! Good luck!

Jennifer said...

I hope everything goes well and you recuperate quickly!

keri said...

Sending positive thoughts your way, hope it goes well and you're feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Good gracious!

Best wishes to you and yours!



Maureen said...

Sounds like a crazy time for you! Hope things turn out well and you can get back to "normal" ... as if any of us are this time of year.


All the best!

Carolyn said...

How do you do it all???

I really hope the surgery goes well for you and please, please take some time off to recover!!

Fiberbliss said...

Hope you surgery goes well. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

KnitPastis said...

I am so sorry for your friend. That sucks all this you are having to go through. Nose surgury of any kind is painful...I know. Just hope this time that you feel much better after you are all healed. I wonder if I have sleep apnea sometimes?It usually happens about 30 mins after I fall asleep?. xoxo