Friday, December 08, 2006

Swap Spoliage with Friday Yarn PrOn too!

Oh my!! I feel so spoiled for sure! Zonda and myself have swapped a few times in the past, and this last one is the icing on the cake let me tell you!! I just love this woman! I was so envious of her and other too getting themselves organized and every time I was I kept outgrowing everything even a tackle toolbox!
the swap was I knit her a couple pairs of socks and she's help me get more organized and sew for me and one of my SP! I was in no rush for my stuff just the SP I needed right away which she sent directly to my overseas SP! What a sweetheart! I went ahead and knit her 3 pairs for the special help

here's some before and after pictures
some (not all) before
the tool box of needles & notions, which I'll still use but not for needles

then there's the overflow of needles in a basket, I know I have more somewhere

then crochet hooks (I actually have 2 zip lock bags of these about the same amount

not to mentions a few here and there around the house...

Ok back to the swap stuff!

here we have 2 items up first both for needles, I absolutely LOVE this material, the material is thick & heavy so I can't call them needles rolls.....She did such a nice nice job on them too

here's some after photos
one I fit lots of DPNs, straights and a ton of crochet hooks in the last 2 slots
each slot is tripled.. She seen some photos of my stuff!!! It's approx 25" lengthwise

this one has 8 doubled pockets for circs approx 30" lengthwise

This was a bonus, a beautiful large tote

see inside is very roomy and with a couple very deep pockets

Her famous Fish Bag! I tried going for a 3D look see the fins and on both sides there actually pockets

To my surprise was a skein of Sunshine Yarn by Dani inside the fish bag!

Color 'Welsh Green Dragon'

see all it's beauty, I can see what allthe talk is about this lovely yarn!!

Thank you so much Zonda for introducing me to such nice yarn! It's so soft & cuddly I'm looking forward to knitting up some for to cuddle my very cold feet! ;o)

she just finds the cutest little things, isn't this the most adorable note pad, the paper even has lines on it too!

Thank you so much Zonda for all your help in getting me organized! I'm loving everything!


Trillian42 said...

She does rock, doesn't she? I <3 Zonda.

cpurl17 said...

I super heart Zonda. She's amazing. Although I think she's got some magic going on with being so productive AND working full time AND raising a family.

You're pretty special yourself too! I love my SSS socks that I made from your pattern! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, Blogger beta is messing with me.

Second try...

I love your needle and tote bag. Blue and brown together is one of my favourite colour combinations.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the lovely pictures today! That tote bag is just great!! I need to check out that yarn. It looks very cuddly!

Zonda said...


My question is...did all your needles fit! Inquiring nosy minds wanna know! :)

mf said...

so far ;o)))

Rain said...

Ooh what a pretty solution for tidying up. I love the fabric. Zonda rocks.

Wendy said...

Love all of the wonderful goodies.

KnitPastis said...

How does she do it all!! She amazing and I love the bag and needle organizers! Beautiful job! Lucky her for getting handknitted socks from you too.

Annie said...

WOW!! Amazing! Really gorgeous stuff there!