Saturday, January 21, 2006

Brazil Hardwood Needles

Well here they are my very own handmade by me 2 sets of 6 DPN, sizes 9 & 10. 7.5-8" long hard to get them all exact
Not bad for my first attempt....I wish I could find smaller hardwood dowels they were the smallest that I could find. Lots of work cutting and especially sanding until nice & smooth
Oh did I mention there scented!! Yes thats right scented DPN sweet orange! I rubbed and rubbed sanded and sanded and rubbed some more for that sweet orange scent of 100% pure grade A quality essential oil I think the scent is embeded deep down too....LOL
hmmm anyone want some??? Make me an offer I can't refuse but my hands & wrists are killing me!
I think I'm going to surprise a certain someone with them for the SP round but can't tell you which one theres 2 just starting could be a lucky one from knitty or blogger, or both~! One just never knows when they might receive a RAOK in there mailbox. Going to be making more in the next 2-4 weeks


Jennifer said...

They're lovely! Oooo, orange scented too.

Stariel said...

Wow, they're really beautiful! (Oh, and scented, yum!)

It would be nicer to have smaller sizes, but they're good for hats. Or you could always make straight needles. :)

Mandy said...

Yummy!!!!! That is something I would have never thought of! Wonderful!

Dani said...

What a wonderful job you did on these! And they look awesome! Have you checked Home Depot or Lowes for the smaller dowels? (Not sure if you have them by you?)



They sound gorgeous! Scented dpns, what a lovely idea. Your SP is going to be one lucky bunny.