Sunday, January 22, 2006

What to do with Josephine?

Well once again I ripped & re-casted on for Josephine again! Someone had said the pattern had a mistake on row 2 after several attempts of knitting a pattern repeat then ripping again anad again I think I got it finally but am going to rip again! Still I've NEVER in my life had such a tough time getting going on anything like this.. Hopefully this is it! It's not a thick dense fabric as I expected from Cascade wool but it's so much softer then all there skeins I've used hmm I kinda wonder if this lot wasn't correct with the fiber because usually it's kinda scratchy and much thicker fabric when knitted not this it's sooooos soooooo soft???It's like knitting with a totally different yarn all together. I wonder if it's the color? Anyway still I wanted to use the yarn for it but now I'm not sure then I'd be stuck on what to do for my Josephine unless I order some sierra from knit picks? What a dilema! I only tried about a half dozen different yarns before deciding on cascade eco wool. Now stuck with all these other yarns...heeeheeehee Ok with me I'll do soemthing else with them

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