Monday, January 02, 2006

January 1st! ~ Polar Swim!

Yes, theres an actual Polar swim in Onset, MA each year. Not real Polar bears but just some local people who will do this sort of thing I guess.... The local fire department raised over $4000 this year local business also suporrt this and so many more. Well 2 of my husbands friends signed up for the swim.... So we had to go, it was off thew pier & freezing temperatures that for sure. I didn't get down on the beach but stayed up front on the edge of the pier with other spectaters so the pictures are that great but here they are
At noon a driving team headed in first

With ambulances, EMT and fire dept on stand by, the sirens & horns go off then Look at these fools runinning into the cold ocean.. OUCH!!!

and a funny one with a blow up doll took a swim together all the under water too! Brave soul thats for sure.
Some say these guys will have no sexual activity for almost a week! There was 1 woman who did the swim to.. yikes.. no it wasn't me althoguh I have done this once in my life but in Febuary at Revere, MA a long time ago.. Never again! Certianly is an experience of a lifetime

The event is all over very quickly and coffee, donuts & pizza are served back at the fire station..

Happy New Years!


KniTaPaLooZa said...

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr teeth chattering...

But I am sure it's a blast. I did something similar like this. Swimming while snowing with friends.... my feet turned purple.

Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Good lord... You would not catch me out there! That looks cold!

Mandy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I'd never do it! That is a lot of money they raised!! Happy New Year!!