Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Handeze or other brands out there?...

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Now I'm on a short knitting break pending seeing the ortho doc on Friday about my hands, forearms, wrists & fingers cramping, hurting swelling pain!! It hurts so much to knit....but I keep on going I've been on short I mean real short knititng breaks a couple hours here or there, but I still knit. Its so hard to completely stop. I'm sure some of you out there can relate to that. Anyways during my research I found these three types but can't decide on which I should get. I can find them cheaper somewhere else online I'm sure from what I hear but doing a quick search here they are.. need opinions on which would be best and most helpful so I can continue to knit, spin & type....I stopped the cortisone injections for tendonitis (elbows), sick of the steriods in the long term it makes it worse anywway and the complication of side effects. I have found a comfortable position of keeping my arms very close to my body and have my elbows rest slightly on a pillow besides me while knitting.. Whatever works right!
Lots of knitty people have recommend these to me from knitty boards now which ones should I look into more.. Ohhhhh Can't decide!! Can't even find them here at the drug store Wal-Mart any other places I maybe able to find some??

Fingerless Therapeutic Gloves
Handeze Therapeutic Support Gloves are doctor recommended and user proven to reduce pain resulting from strain, stress, cramping, swelling and pain from the fingers, hands and wrists while performing continuous or repetitive motion activities.

Three Quarter Fingered Gloves
Three Quarter Fingered Gloves specially designed for persons with arthritis or rheumatitism.

Handeze Plus
New patented comfort technology with removable Microcore thermal pillow.

In the meantime I'm knitting very little at a time with breaks in-between rows.... sooo very sad ;o(( on the up side I ordered some regia silk which is on the way to me now can't wait! I'm so excited going to make socks... I have no problem fondling fiber & yarn......

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Anonymous said...

I would suggest the three quarter fingered gloves since you say your fingers also cramp. I have both versions and the fingered ones work best for my hands.

I just order mine directly from the site. They have been worth their weight in gold!