Thursday, January 19, 2006

Knitting Oympics - 22 days left

Yes, I did!! I signed up for the Knitting Olympics!! Yarn Harlot is having a challenge I just couldn't pass up
Like I have time for that... well I have to starting Feb 10th don't I I'll have to carry my knitting with me then. Were going to Disney on Ice that Sunday of course a whole day away from my knitting, wonder if I can bring my needles inside without a problem...They said no bags no camera, etc.hmmmm I brought some socks to knit while at a baseball game at Fenway Park....Yes I did my husband thought I was completly off my rocker! Drink on one side, knitting socks, up & down, crazy but I got some done.....

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I wanted to take my knitting to a football match on NY Eve but Kenny was disgusted with me! The match was so boring (and cold) I'd have loved to have been knitting instead.