Saturday, May 28, 2005


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Just arrived today all the way from Australia! What a wonderful RAK from Kate westozcatt from the coffeeshop knittyboard. Beautiful scenery stamps and enclosed was 5 packages of flake Chocolate! YUMMY!! She enclosed a wonderful card that had this little book of chocolate attached on the inside
'Chocolate for Chocoholics'
insides reads:
To the Chocciest Chocoholic in the whole world....

The very first Chocoholics were the Mexican Aztecs who used to drink chocolate flavored with chillies or pepper.

"I think I've scratched the surface after 20 years of marriage. Woman want chocolate and conversation" Mel Gibson....very perceptive!

The Americans are so obsessed by chocolate that they actually have a theme park dedicated to it. Sweet!

Chocolate Fondue
* slowly melt a 400gr bar of chocolate with 4 tbsp milk,
* Add 4 tbsp whipping cream,
* serve with strawberries, bananas, meringues, marshmellows and anything else you can think of.

Christopher Columbus was the first to bring cocoa beans back to Europe (thank you Chris!) but no one was particularly impressed at the time.

Theres only one thing better than a best mate....
and that's a best mate bearing chocolate!

Did you know...

that 50% of women would rather indulge in chocolate than make love.

Chocolate melts in your mouth at 34 degress C. That's just below body temperature and that's why it melts immediately and gorgeously in your mouth.

English company JS fry and Sons made the very first chocolate bar in 1826.

They advertised it as "a pleasant and nutritious subsititute for food while travelling or when unusual fasting is caused by an irregular period of mealtimes."

Chocolate: contains an amino acid (called 'phenylethylamine'!) that has aphrodisiac properties and can help ease hangover symptoms.

Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get. Forest Gump (Tom Hanks) in Forest Gump

More about chocolate!

May chocolate always be with you!

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