Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Newest Fibers in Stash!

Taadahhhh! here they are...

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Whole fleeces from

top left side: beautiful black shetland! (so very fine and soft), top right die: corridale/dorcetX???maybe somehting else long long staple absolutely beautiful!, bottom left side: very old rare breed horned dorcet and very large! great color, great staple and more soft then med, bottom right side: merino that was washed Saturday at the Soule homestead a s a demo.. Boy did I luck out 10+# after spinning merinos what a huge difference then from commerically bought merino yarns....wooohoooo! These are all very large fleeces and should keep me away from all the spring shows this year!!! ekkkks! (I hope so anyway) ;o)) I'm not going to MD because I do have at least 15# coming home from there of romney rovings from some 20# fleeces that I sent to the processor a couple months ago from fall shearings at a local farm... Fiber heaven I guess!! ;o)))))

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can't forget the cashmere & lambswool roving I'm spinning up for a nice long sweater jacket I think????? I'm always good for changing my mind constantly... A womans perogitive (sp) isn't it???? I always thought it sounded like a good excuse anyway..... colors ercu, blue & of white varigated tweedy type of fiber absoluety soft!

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hmm don't forget these lovely batts from Abi over in IA at Prairie Farms and of course I can't find all the wonderful dyes I purchased from her earlier this year...... errrrr! I've been tearing through all my boxes, totes, bags, laundry baskets and can't find a trace!!!! I need top find them I want to DYE!!!!

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Last but not least some more indulgence fawn alpaca see the nice long staple! ohhh laalaalaa! Absolutely nothing even compares to the luxury and softness of all these fibers in natural form even after washing, combing and spinning there really is NO comparison in any LYS anywhere!

Cleaned all the alpacas actually got 4 or 5 boxes greys, silver, cream, brulee, fawns and off white... wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I couldn't just decide on know how the addiction is!!!!!
I want to try dying some of the greys for a nice tweedy effect I guess. The pigments will definately be unique as to dying all the white. These are only some of the latest, some already washing/drying


benedetta said...

Michelle, you're nuts! when will you find the time to spin all that?
i know you're fast, but i did not know you had superpowers too!
it all looks lovely. and will keep you out of trouble for a while. well worth it.

Lynn said...

OOOH, thanks for posting the link to Abi's! I ordered some fiber from her way back and she was so incredibly great to deal with. I've got enough here to keep me occupied for some time, but it's always nice to peek in and see what she's got.

I didn't realise you were in MA... We are too, but north of Worcester.

Wyldeyes said...

She doesn't want to spin it, she just wants to lay on it and spin around. Looks so soft and cuddly. Careful with the chocolate Michelle, you wouldn't want to get all messy in it. Imagine you with all that fluff stuck to you. LMAO

Good luck and don't get dizzy.

Wyldeyes said...

One more thing. I can't stop laughing. I just pictured it and it is hilarious. oh no, my cheeks they hurt.