Saturday, May 14, 2005

NH Spinning Demo Friends!

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Today the New Hamphire Sheep & Wool Festival 3 of my friends are spinning at the spinning demo 1-2pm in honor of them and me not being able to attend this year I was there with them in mind, spirirt and spinning just not in person!  ;o) I just finished spinning some llama & llama/silk blend that was given to us at our local guild meeting this past Monday. So ladies I spun the lighter color 100% Llama and triple plied got approx. 17 yds/18gr and the darker one 50/50 blend of Llama/silk approx. 28yds/15gr both are very soft and absolutely lovely!! See I was spinning with you Charice, Lin & Maggie!!!  ;o))

We are all proud members of the NETA group! Now I'm looking forward to hearing about al the fiber touching and fun you had as well as whatcha's spun today!

Hope you gals had lots of fun!!

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