Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ramblings about a RAK

After dinner I went to the store to pick up some kool-aid & chocolate for a person in the UK for a swap and extra rak and a nice older woman in front of me had a stash of chocolate. When she opened her wallet at the checkout she was searching high & low for cash, lots of EUR monies but she was so excited that she found $5 bill is US... Her candies rang up to over $8 she didn't understand that the cashier couldn't take the EUR for the difference. So I knew that was why I was there for a euro friend. So I gladly pulled out the cash and paid for it for her.. She was surprised I think and running around looking for her husband or friends she was traveling abroad with. It was my turn I paid grabed my stuff and was heading out. Saw she forgot her bag at the cashier, so as I turned to head out I saw her, gave her bag of goodies to her and said I hope enjoy all your candies and have a safe trip home!! Her and another woman and man stopped me trying to scrap up enough in US $$ pay me back. I kept saying over and over no! no! ReallY! She was persisitant then I turned to her husband and said please really tell her no just enjoy! I was just being kind is all! They were so amazed and giving me hugs and kisses!!!
Do people not ever see RAK or what?? Maybe just far and few! It felt good to help someone out especially who didn't really speak all that great english and being in abroad. They were so sweet and cute. I felt them calling for help!!! Candy Chocolate!! What was a gril to do!!
I managed to get myself some echinacea tea and chocolate to help me fight this awful held cold!! Sipping my tea, enjoying my chcoalte hoping they enjoyed they stay here and hope they know that there are good hearted americans still here!! ;o))

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carol-ann said...

HI, I am from England and I am better at crochet than knitting but I have been going around knitting websites to try and improve my skills.I want to set up a website within the next year but I look at your sites and go: Oh my goodness how do you DO that?!
I am so impressed at the skills of you American gals!Websites/Weblogs AND knittting and caring for a family and young children too. Where do you get the stamina from! (Whatever you're on can I have s ome too - LOL!)It is nice to meet you and I read your little piece about RAK and I thought that when I was a child (am 55) such acts were commonplace but now if you do what we in Liverpool (yes the home of the Beatles - I actually drive down Penny Lane each week)call 'a favour'people are either stunned or suspicious. We are particularly known in Liverpool for kindness to strangers. For example when there was a bomb threat to the Grand National (A legendary horse race that takes place every year at Aintree in Liverpool ( is your Kentucky Derby similar?)thousands of people were evacuated from the racecourse and all the local people got out their biggest teapots and coffee pots and made sandwiches and generally comforted and cared for the evacuees. Many people from Ireland to Europe to Japan etc. Many people were so overwhelmed that they wrote letters to our local paper and it warmed my heart to know that there were people around the world who thought we were wonderful!

You set me to thinking that if all the kind people in the world went out of their way each week to do one RAK and especially for people who are tourists in our county or country, maybe people would get to be kinder to each other in general and revive those old traditions of neighbourliness and and kindness for its own sake. Thank you for warming my heart with your story.
Liverpool, UK