Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Red Heart Yarn! Want it??

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There must be at least 17 or 18 proabbly 20+ or more full skeins of Red Heart yarn HUGE skeins........along with another tote of even more., then a box approzimatly 7 or 8 pounds of misc balls, odd balls,  1/2 skeins, new skeins from wool to cotton, novelity but mostly arcylics, polyesters and other blends. Sad to say there the labels are missing from the red heart skeins, but no need to worry no dye lots with Red Heart! Great hats, scarves, mittens, small sweaters, large sweaters whatever your heart desires, my obsessions are overgrown and I really need to clear it out before DH notices the HUGE stash not moving and treatens  my stash!!!!!

Anyone who'd like to trade, swap or make a deal email me and make me an offer I can't resist! I need the space and totes and need to move it on out otta here! PLEASE!! Anyone someone! PLEASE PREETY PLEASE!!!!  I know begging doesn't work. I can take more photos and give you better details and weigh it if you'd like. Let's make a deal!  ;o))



benedetta said...

you can always donate them to the schools or to charities, if you have no takers.
that's what i did when somebody gave me a load of synthetic yarns.
good luck!

laura said...

hey there. I'm not able to make you a $ offer at the moment. however, my charity, The Preemie Project, accepts donations of baby yarn. I'd be happy to take some off your hands if you can't get rid of it otherwise.
-There is a link to The Preemie Project on my blog. Check it out if you want!