Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Spinning & FeltingToday!

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spun up some superwash fine wool for a pair of socks I've been trying to get done last time I did 2 balls of singles, this one I triple plied for the heels and toes. took a close up

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spun more of that cashmere & lambs wool blend. Maybe I'll make a bag with this..... blue, red & green.... It will felt beautifully I'm sure.. hmmmm What to do??? Spin more.. I've been neglecting my spinning becuase I got so caught up with knitting

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I did make a new pair of felted clog slippers (Fiber Trends) for my son, his spider man slippers wore and he was demanding I buy him another pair which of course I'd never find those particular ones again. So I told him last night that I'd make him a pair. I used 2 skeins from Knit Picks, Wool of Andes , 1 blue bonnet and 1 stream (which is more like a tealish type of green) , double strand throughout. The double soles I used the blue bonnet on one and stream on the other, so he can tell which goes on which foot.... I finished them this morning and felted them today for him, He was so happy and proud of them!!! ;o))) He defiantely is mommies best customer!!!

Oh back to spinning more of something.......

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benedetta said...

i bet he loves his new slippers!
great spinning too!