Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sheep Shearing at Soule Homestead & wheels

Christopher dying to try out my newest wheel from Poland! It finally arrived safely at home! Thank you so much Lin for picking it up in Poland
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Now I have a brother and sister team to drive me crazy spinning my wheels!!! heeeheeeeheeee

hmmm Surprise Charice will be getting one soon too! ;o)))) shhhhhhh! She knows about it but hasn't seen the pretty little thing yet!

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My Lucet arrived yesterday with a handpainted sheep on the handle, now to figure out for the third time on how to use it!

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Kids at the sheep shearing today at the Soule Homestead Sheep day fair! A little blurry and not all of them staying still of course. We were in/out of the barns trying to get dry we kept getting caught in the rain but had a fun day anyway with Lin and her son Lukas

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Here's my fleece getting sheared, it's a horned dorcet about 10-12 pounds! Wooohoooo! I'll be spinning her for a while. I'm going to be doing a project on her for rare & unusual breed project for our guild project later this year. Each of us get to pick either a rae or unusual breed and make a page baout it, have enough for all of us to smaple like an ounce or so I guess, the page have a pice of it's fiber staple raw, washed spun yarn, etc along with all the information we can gather about our breed then have enough copies for all of us to put into a binder so each of us will end up with a nice book. later in the year will be able to add domestic breeds and so on. So if anyone has some helpfuil info they liked to share with me please forward them to me...

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Here's another view of her being skirted and sheared.

Also picked up some more fleeces couldn't resist they were so friend, we got up close and personal with them, the sheep cried to me take me home! Take me home! Take me home!....;o)))

horned dorcet, corridale cross/cheviot?? or dorect?

jet black shetland & a HUGE beautiful white merino that they happened to use as a demo and even washed it for me! Looking forward to next

we did enjoy the sheep dog demos, sheep shearing, rug braiding demos, spinning and Katie had a free lesson on a little babe petite so natural wish I had taken a picture of that, children's crafts, plants, washing wool, felting . Kids had to come home bathe and nap, LONG day in the damp rain and running around on a farm in the mud not to mention wet through & through

It was nice to see some familar faces, play with fiber, get yoruself right into it. VERY kid friendly!

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