Thursday, April 28, 2005

Shawl for MIL

Finally!! It's been a couple months in the works... I missed my mil birthday this month so at least she'll have it for Mother's Day! It was a beautiful yarn that Lin gave to me she collected in Taiwan in Feb.30 I started it in the end of March so really it only took about a month to knit up it's huge! I ripped it several times then finally decided to go with cast on 4 sts then knit 2 yo knit across each row until 200sts where completed! Very lacy , beautiful drape and already bordored buy the pattern.
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here's another view, it comes across my arms down shoulders and back the point is past my buttlocks just a few inches into the thighs

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Well since my mil likes the color ecru I thought this would be perfect the yarn is laceweight with little loops thoughout, just perfect. Will be wrapping it and shipping it to her in OH on Monday. I hope she likes it....

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