Saturday, April 16, 2005

Organizing Yarn

Today I spent the morning organizing yarn, balls, skeins, end, etc. I have totes boxes, wicker baskets, bamboo baskets, a handy wicker box I bought at someone's home party...LOL
Now to make sense of it all.. hmm Where to start??? Home spun in baskets all set. Fine yarns here, sock yarns in a basket and bag. Found a couple more started projects for the life of me I can't remember where in the pattern I left off... YIKES!
Received a package in the mail of some beautiful wool rayon & cotton skeins.. What to do! Where to start first? I don't think I'll get it all organzied, under the bed, in closets, in the basment, on shelves, in the living room, by the fireplace... What is one to do... Between fiber and yarn I don't know where to start. I guess just spirng cleaning and organizing. It's a beautiful day and thought it should get done. In between I'm trying to vaccum everything from ceiling to floors, and shampoo the carpets in-between stashes. Found some things I had no idea why I bought them. Maybe I'll put them in a pile and put up on Ebay. Defiantely on my list of things to do, take pictures! Doesn't look like I'll be playing today or tomorrow. Back to work

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