Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Katie's 5th Birthday Today!

We off to start decorating for her special day she wants pizza and cake, be a princess and has been asking for a walking dog for several months now........will she get it?? hmm I don't know.....;o)) So I thought we'd have some balloons and princess decorations and princess hats I think my DH found a little princess tiara. So off I go to blow balloons! YUK!!! lol

Here's Katie's Cake
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Waiting patiently for the candle to be lit
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Just after she blew her candle and the light turned back on
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Christpoher just waiting for a piece of that cake oh so tempting to just dive in.....;o))
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Licking his lips now of course still wearing his princess party hat for that cake..........
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I bet Christopher is thinking 'can you believe what I have to go through to get some cake around here'.....
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Over all the kids had fun, had some cousins over and run wild inside outside long night but they had fun.. I asked Katie what the best part of her day was and of course hse said getting her walking dog! (she's been asking for a gigi walking dog since before the holidays, Mr & Mrs Santa couldn't find them anywhere at all!) Couldn't find any this year either until last night Daddy found one! Thank God!! I was giving her a bath and gettign them ready for bed tonight, the doors where closed and house was quiet except the runnign of the water, all of a sudden I heard some noises like screaching... I open the bathroom door and the dog was sitting there barking!!!! ROFL!! I guess it must have a sensor for noise or something because we left it in the living room???? ( and I thought it was my 16 y/o aruging with my husband at first??) I did have the bath water running so the noise was distorted.

Way past my bedtime and I wanted to get a little more knitting time in, maybe a couple little small rows on something.. What should I do??? Sleep or relax & knit??? KNIT!!!


jodi said...

Hi, welcome to RAOK!

Jenifer said...

Hi there -- what a cutie! I have a 5 yr old too at my house! Thought I'd drop by to say welcome to Fiber RAOK -- nice to "meet" you! Jenifer http://knittingat5337.blogdrive.com

Atouria said...

Happy birthday, Katie!! And welcome to Raok, Michelle. :)

Laura said...

Welcome to RAOK!

Dani said...

HIya and welcome to RAOK, I'm pretty new there myself but so far - WOW what a great group!

Your DD is adorable. Looks like she had a great bday *s*

And I must say, I have sock envy LOL I've had some issues with my 1st, but I AM NOT giving up! Yours look great =)