Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Picking Llama Fleece!

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It's such a beautiful day today just about 70 degrees and the sun shining! I've spent most of the morning picking through my newest fleece. It's a beautiful llama from a local woman who has a few she raising herself after working for a llama farm for many years. More like her babies I should say. She also has a LYS in her barn as well! Her animals are very friendly and the kids love to go there, they get llama kisses. This is the last I need to pick through and pull out all the guard hairs.. The birds are swarming around my yard now..Chirping away, I wonder if there calling other birds...... They'll be busy for a while. I'm taking a break and will be washing some today. It's a lot of work but I'm sure it'll be very rewarding once I spin it up and make something. It's definately quite the experience picking out guard hairs from a whole fleece. The hardest part for me is trying to find soemhitng to knit up with it afterwards.. I get so flustered and undecided I'll put it off and off then I'll start and probably change my mind several times.... errrr! Then do I keep it or give it away as a gift?? hmm? So undecided and such a soft, beautful fleece.


Grace said...

Hi Michelle,

You RAOK'd me some tea last night, and while I left a note on the "official thank-you thread", I wanted to leave one here too to let you know that it really brightened my day, which up until then had been awful. You make beautiful socks too, wow!!

Thanks again,

Grace- aka gmh3

Kimberli said...

That LYS sounds great!
Perhaps I'll take my S-i-L and Neice there on one of my trips to visit them in MA. What's the name/location of it?