Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Last night on the roof

Well yes my husband just had to get on the roof to see if he could take care of the noises in the chiminey.

Well between 9-10pm he went up on the ladder with a blow torch and flashlight. What a sight for me to watch him hanging his feet from out the chiminey... he didn't really see much of course I tried to tell him hello it's dark out!! Let's call someone to take care of it. He insists that he can take care of it. The only thing he could find is what he beleiives to be is racoon [aw prints from the cimminey down the roof and even down our freshly painted molding on the the corner of the house. White of course now with sut black prints all the way donw to the back deck.. Needless to say I won't be going ouit back alone for a while. I think we really need to call someone to deal with this but he said if anything jumps out at him he'll blow torch them....
Early in the morning and late at night we continue to hear all kinds of restling noises in the chimeny boy am I glad that the flute is broken and the kids can't get it open at the fireplace!!! ;o)
Can only imagine myself sitting on the couch late at night with everyone in bed knitting away and having a visitor come done the fireplace!!! I'd be certain it wouldn't be a santa clause!
Men are sure stubborn and hate to admit they need help for anything! I hope he relizes this soon. Even though he thinks it's a racoon stuck in there and can't get up the chiminey. It oculd very well be a very large shirrrel or some big birds??? Still frustrated though! Anyone want to rent a hubby????

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