Thursday, April 14, 2005

SUPER HIGH Level of Stress

well after a very long week or two of "extremely SUPER HIGH level of stress" as my doctor put it has offered some assitance to help me relax and possibly get a restful night sleep! YAHOO!! I came home after a very long stressful day and to my surprise was my tea order! YEAH!! I'm having my 3rd cup already and WOW what a difference from the local grocers varieties of herbal & green tea bags... Anyway, I'm finally trying to take care of myself catch up a little with emails and enjoy a cup of tea without any interuptions. I love my new little handy contraption from Adagio Teas I even got a music CD with catalog to continue to get the addiciton.. I have to keep making more tea because I was so memorized by the loose dry leaves expanding and dancing as they do... Being new to loose teas I was amuzed or maybe just all the HIGH stress and anixity and caios going on in our lives I know feel like a little child. I mean the littlest thing as steep tea is amuziing me a tthe moment...............hmmmmmmm

I have to come to realize the past couple weeks more so on what goes along with parenting a teenager! the real meaning and how no matter what WE as parents are totally repsonsible no matter what until there 18 years of age as much as they think there adult enough to be on there own. I do know that's it the most challenging experience and trying times to go though. At times I wonder if we'll get through this and survive as a family. At the moment I don't see the light but I do know that with all the testing that someday hopefully soon well be stronger, closer and more solid..... So I hear, from family & friends anyway, that the day will come!!???????? It's so hard to see or picture that day right now. It couldn't come sooner that's for sure in the mean time I'll have my tea & meds.......... and of course stand on my own two feet and hold my head up high. I'm almost convienced that I'm NOT the only one that feels so out of control, lost confused!! I'm the type of person that usually always has an answer or solution for everything! ;oi) But now more then ever I've never felt more lonely confused and totally speechless to stop me dead in my tracks!! YIKESSS!! I think my poor parents would roll over in there grave. God Bless my father's soul I hope and pray he's not watching! Boy do I miss him dearly it's been just over 3 years that he left us!

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