Monday, April 04, 2005

Spiral Socks

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Well here's my spiral socks that got around took a while one ran away and was lost for a while but made a safe return home.....;o)) My first pair without heels but they are comfortable, about 15-16 inches long made from a beautiful wool yarn a friend brought home from Germany a couple months ago.

I've been offline for well over a month or so now. Boy did I never realize how much I really used my computer until it wasn't available. During the last storm we lost signal from our cable company and after 4-6 weeks of service calls and techs coming in/out and all around the neighborhood trying to get me online. They did manage to get our TV signal back but only after we bought new TVs then I bought a new computer thinking it was the putter, nothing! The cable company just couldn't get it back for me so I canceled all their services and got direct tv installed right away and DSL which took a couple weeks to get but at least we had tv to watch while awaiting. I did some spinning and knitting actually lots of knitting. I'll be uploading more photos soon! I did pull out a sweater again and again! Now working on a couple other and started more finsihed one, another was almost done just need to do the sleeves and a hood then BAMMMM!!! I had to pull it out about 1/2 because I missed something!!!!!!! I don't even want to talk about that one!!!!!!!!!!! A different one then some might think though. I think I just might have to keep this one once I get it finished after all the hours I 've put into in I could've made 3! Oh well.

Now my DH is up on the roof with a blow touch and flashlight I need to go outside and watch out for him. He makes me nervous!!! We had a racoon on the house eariler this week and now lots of noises in the chimminey! Pretty freaky when I'm sitting here at night knitting and everyone's in bed and early in the morning.......

I gotta go for now be back with more later

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