Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Got a Chibi!

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I finally got my chibi the lys always seems to be out. ( I really wanted the pink one but I was lucky to have gottten this one I guess) It came with 2 darning needles and plenty of room for my yarn needles for sew up ends, seems, toes, etc. I also bought more yarn (only a couple skeins of galway to make a felted purse, will post it as soon as it's felted).. I also won a few auctions through Ebay so that will make me feel better looking forward to receiving a few packages within the next week!! YAHOO!! Yarn tea, always makes you feel better when your down and it really does seem to help. Now to find the time to knit more. I haven't been spinnign lately or even making any soap. Good thing I'm pretty well stocked up for now. My first fair of the season was last Wed. which was very slow so I still have a good selection left. I need to get myself organized soon before the tourist season thats for sure!!

I place an order with Adagio Teas this morning.. I ordered a ingenuiTEA set as well as a couple 1 oz tins and some suger shot. It should be here in a couple of days.. So excited!! Already scoping out what I'm going to order next.. There's so much to choose from and so hard to decide on what to get!! I hear that there really good teas. I've always used tea bags so the loose tea thing with the strianers is a new thing for me. I'm sure I'll enjoy them all!

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