Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Spun Cashmere and fine wools

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The top knity knoty (PVC) is with a blend of fine wools dyed Dark Navy Blue navajo plied. Thin fingerweight

the wooden knotty is cashmere/camel/lambs wool blend in different shades of blues that I tried to spin a bit on the bulky side also navajo plied. Thick, thin bumpy novelty. I have this fiber in 6 colors couldn't decided which one I had to have so I had to get some of them all! !!
Not sure what to do with them yet have lots more to spin up. These are only about 1 - 1.5oz each skein. These skeins are very soft.. I can't wait to spin more so I can start another new project

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Kimberli said...

They look beautiful!
Spinning is the ONE hobby I haven't picked up (although I have done the entire process for a class back in college.) I seem to have every other hobby known to man! Hmmmm...maybe I shouldn't leave this one out...
Looking forward to seeing what yuo decide to knit up with it all!