Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Chocolate & Ketchup Chips

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Just have to tease ~ someone neener~neener~ neener............ I got my chocolate from Canada & the only chips I eat Ketchup!! Wish they sell these in the states!!! ;o((((( Sorry I ate them all now or I'd share, need to lick my fingers again......ROFLMAO!!!! My very nice neighbor came home for the weekend to watch the red sox opening game and has left this morning back to her Moms' in Montreol so I'm sure I'll be getting more when she retiurns home.. Her DH is remodeling the entire house so she's visiting her Mom for a couple weeks... a very nice treat for me, too!! ;o)) I want to do something special for her when she gets back. Maybe a basket of goodies soaps, sprays, creams all I have made some teas, cookies, candles, maybe a pair of socks or scraf but winter is gone for now I hope????? Who know's it is New England and we've been known to have snow in May even! I'll surprise her with something just haven'd decided. One ramdom act of kindness always deserves another ;o)) Any ideas out there??

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