Sunday, February 27, 2005

Knit Picks Yarns

here's some of my yarns from knit picks I just received an order from them yesterday. I just finished knitting up swatches which I've used the wool of Andes $1.79 skeins different colors and my swatches I did was with needle sizes 6-10.5 all of which I was happy with. It was very soft at first but after knitting it up I thought maybe a bit itchy for the very sensitive person next to there skin but would be a great outer garment such as a cardigan.. Would be wonderful for cables and other designs as well. If your not so sensitive to slightly itchy then it'd be perfect for you. I didn't see it being as dying as some other wools like Reynolds and such. Much softer then them I think. I also spin my own yarn and am pretty spoiled so for other knitters I thought it'd be great! I'm going to enjoy the yarns I received form them for sure. The alpacas & silks were indeed at great prices and my thoughts were all positive on them. I don't think you can go wrong with them at all. The sock yarns are also great! Although I 'll knit socks from anything with out a problem no matter the weight or type of fiber, even with toothpicks!....LOL

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