Sunday, February 06, 2005

Fiber Play Day!

OHH BOY! What a great day! I went up to NH with Lin to Charice's house today what long day! It was so much fun and relaxing. We had such a GREAT time! One of Charice's old guild friends moved to Ireland and couldn't take all her toys and Charice inquired EVERYTHING at such a great deal from a weaving loom to fine fleeces & dyes! Even a books the lady started of all kinds of diffferent breeds from sheep to alpaca, stuff we never heard of to mystery stuff...She had pages labeled about that particular breed, a lock before and after washing some a sample of spun yarn with notes along each. An awesome journel of them. I don't think Charice will ever see the end of her stash in her lifetime! WOW! We had a field day poking though all her stash! Playing, combing, carding, picking blending, spinning, knitting, shared some books, patterns and soap of course... We had a swap with one of the yahoo groups that we're on ( Which each person in the swap sent in 4 oz of fiber of ther choice as long as it was clean. Of course we went a little over board with this. We all have bags & samples of all kinds of different fibers to play with. Lin shared some lovely yarns she inquired from Tawain.. wooohooo! Lin also shared some different types of beads she got while visiting Tawain last month. Oh so very neat! Of course my long double pointed bamboo needles and circulars came back with her too. No Chocolate!! ;o(( I even shared the last of my chocolate Maggie brought home from Germany! She's shut off from chocolate now I think!?! Although she did stop and buy a couple cases of alcohol & wines that she had me help pick out the liquor and wines for her... Like little kids to funny! She went to the truck and I popped into the little gifty type shop, seemed like I was in there along time. Checking out other soapmakers products tring and smelling, I wanted to buy I was hoping that Lin would come in and save me but after a while I figured out she wasn't coming in to save me from myself so I went back to the truck she was sitting there in her own little world knitting away. Way to funny! I did find a great blend I can't wait to try it was a fragrance spray I think was lemon and peppermint Eos.. hmmm IT sure smelled great! She did share with us so I guess she's off the hook this time anyway!! lol We really missed Maggie and our friend Ellen who couldn't make it because of superbowl but we forgive them! (this time!)
We had such fun and great company, just don't know where the time went, boy times flies when your having fun! and the company was good too! ;o) The quiet was so unbelievable I was a little dazed and confused... It was great to be away from my kiddos, I missed them dearly! The love hugs & kisses anyway, not the whiney, nagging ones.. We don't get together often and we never seem to have enough time together but I'm looking forward to doing it again. Soon!
I need some sleep! Oh am I going to feel this tomorrow for sure mornings come way to fast these days.. Good Night!

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