Thursday, February 10, 2005

Spinning & Knitting Day

It rained a good part of the day so it was a good day to spin & knit a little. I'm almost done with that other bag for a friend of mine.....Spun a bobbin of white Merino and triple plied it into a skein. Spinning another bobbin now. I want to get a couple pounds spun up so I can start a Dale sweater with it! I'm thinking of spinning up a little chocolate brown cashmere for a little color in it.......Of course I have to have enough to make a pair of socks to match my sweater! Now the tricky part is to not get side tracked......but how?????? hmmmmm

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Tracy said...

Chocolate brown cashmere sounds good enough to eat! I bought my first wheel today, a proper lesson to follow in a weeks time, when I can spend the day with a pro until then I can practice, I can't wait.