Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tonight was out monthly guild meeting. It was small but I learned a lot, one that I've been using my wheel wrong...LOL Who knew?? I polish my wheel all the time with sweet orange EO and I do oils all the moving parts never knew I should tighten all the screws and legs..... I thought it was normal for my wheel to walk away from me when I spin and I just pull it closer when I need to. It never has walked to far that I couldn't catch it........heeeheeeheee I've always tighten my drive band too like a banjo spring and the tension I always tighten and made sure that my springs were just a tad stretched.... opppps What I thought was double drive and whirls was all wrong.. I've tried spinning all different ways and never noticed a difference in yarns so I thought I'd just buy another wheel.. Why not??? Well now that I was shown how to I'll be spinning tomorrow and see if I noticed any change with a lose drive band , not much tension on the springs , everything tightened up, oh and my wobbling leg... I think I'll miss all the adjustments , just not sure how I'll adjust to spinning the right way instead of Michelle's way... Whatever works.. Should I have taken A class of something before??? hmmm
I'm blamed it on my friend Maggie who got me hooked on this in the first place. I was curious but not to interested until I met up with her!! WOOHOOO! I blamed it all on her which I probably shouldn't of but was only kidding. She gave me a BIG box stuffed with Lindt chocolate truffles!! OMY YUMMY!!! All my favorite of all chocolate too! She tied it so tight with ribbon and a bow, it wasn't easy to get into I really had to work for my treats....LOL
Lin came too and I think we had a good time...;o) It went by really fast though. I actually did start to spin a little more white merino of course. Boy is it soft! I need to figure a way to post a picture of some soon.....I'm thinking of making a Dale sweater but tough decision on which style! I have a couple weeks to decide before I start it and have plenty all spun to start it with.. Unless I can find something else that would work up nice in merino......

Ok off to be a good girl and set my wheel back up somewhere.. naa to tired. I think I should get some sleep tonight so I can be up early and have some quiet time to sit relax with my coffee and wheel in the morning before getting out of bed? Yes, my secrets out> I keep my wheel next to my bedside so I can spin everyday, night whatever. I wouldn't want it in front of the fireplace or someone else. I like to give myself timeouts during the day to sit and spin why not by my bed, I get to look at my wheel every morning and every night so I won't forget about it and spin every chance I can. I like to spin both at night and in the morning and knit though out the days on/.Off as much as possible. Boy am I enjoying being home in the house now..... My youngest is 3 y/o and I think this is the worst age. Not sure why every complains about the terrible twos no way! It doesn't start until 3y/o! So I don't go out much any more I'd just rather stay home and work with him and his tantrums instead of being out somewhere... He doens't seem to mind and we get along great! He's such a mommy's boy! We do have our special outings together and we do alot together during the day too. He also likes to help me spin and hold my yarn when I knit. he's such a god helper.......

Hope everyone had a great valentine's Day and received chocolates!!! If you don't like chocolate send them to me!!! ;o)))))))

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