Saturday, February 05, 2005

Walking Bag

Walking Bag Posted by Hello

Here's the famous walking bag I designed! This was taken at the SNB meeting at Borders the other night with Maggie (the photograher), Melanie, Benedetta and someone else that I can't remember her name for the life of me, I'm horrible with names! Anyway it was fun! For the bag I used several different fibers and yarns, some were samples and small amounts of fiber that I had spun up over the past couple months. I added some patrons merino denim some were double strand and some rows triple strand. I just kept on knitting to use up all the scraps of yarn I could find or spin to go with it, has a little of this & that except for dryer lint....;o) I even added an inside pocket with what I had left for little notions and things. Last night I cut off the legs and refelted again but it didn't shrink any more just wanted to felt in the seems on the bottom corners. Working on anothe rone in differnt bright colors and some kool-aid dyed romney and store bought merino... Hope it doesn't walk away when it's done since it's a little gift for someone special ;o) I love to mix and match and play with different types of fibers and yarns...

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