Thursday, February 03, 2005

Finally tired but started my Blog today!

Well, I"m dragging today yesterday was a very long day. Day visit to the BI up to Boston then I stopped by our little knitting group at Bordors in the mall on my way home. Actaully did get a little done on a sock I'm working on with some german sock yarn, my friend Maggie picked up for me while visiting Germany...;o) It's such a fun group of people there, I really enjoy going there altough only my second time both which was on my way home from my infusions and I've been lets just say not my normal self! lol Well decided that a blog seems to be the must have these days so why not here we go! (yet another project) lol
Maggie took pictures of course I wasn't looking so good and I can't wait to see this picture of my felted bag with legs......heeeheeeeheee

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