Sunday, September 25, 2005

Here we are!

Here's some of us girls spinning at Marthas Vineyard a couple weeks back..
Yes, I'm in the picture along with Maggie, Lin and Charice

We had a grand ole time, lots of fun and I'm sure looking forward to going again.. Maggie tried to hide this from us, she drew this afterwards of us, she's so very talented!! Isn't it AWESOME! I'm sure proud ot be part of her art....She did this in ink & watercolors, I had to brag....she has a story about htis I"m sure but will remain with us....LOL shhhhhhhhh!!!!


Jennifer said...

So cute!

Mama Sunshine said...

Hi again!

Just to let you kow that there is a parcel on it's way to you from Scotland! I got one this am from my SP - a book - about a knitter from Canada - it is really funny - I haven't been able to put it down since it came! :)

You are so lucky having good weather so you can go to places like Marthas Vineyard at thsi time of year - we have high winds and rain over here - it is soooo cold already! :(

Hope you enjoy your parcel when it arrives! :)

Your secret pal :)