Sunday, September 04, 2005

Spinning Dog & Pastel Dying

I psun a sample of some fiber someone sent me and asked me to spin for them it's blended of Dog Fur & sheeps wool. soft & fluffy.triple plied about a fingerweight to sport.  It's approx 39 yards & .5oz. the picture is very acurate. I'm getting a little batter at them aren't I...................
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wanted to try my hands at some pastel colorway it's pale pink and very pale lilac which is very pale but I think knitted up will look better. Its triple plied, about fingering/sport weight, some unknown fiber,  approx 240 yards & 1.6oz
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 the dog fur I'll be sending back to it's owner and the dyed not sure yet, just playing.

The campground we go to is closing was sold to someone who's not likely to keep it as a campground so we heading out for the day , theres trick or treating this afternoon for the kids, of course we have to have this accuse for me to bring a chocolate cake!! yum!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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