Thursday, September 15, 2005

Secret Pals Rock Today!

Isn't this packaging adorable it's a heavy nice thick tissue type.. I love it! Looksie merino roving, hmmm she must know me.......and just enough for a pair of socks I hope, I'll be spinning it very thin for sure and make a 3-ply lace weight with this stuff for sure....
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ok look SOCK YARN!!!!! heeeheee merino too. a little cute card with  a sweet note and birthday wishes,  a box of tea and small package of cookies with chocolate
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check out the tea's made of a nice quality tulle...I've never seen tea bags like this.. Very neat...Smells great  ~ Enjoyed myself a nice hot cup of tea with this very damp and 12+ inches of rain we had today so far..... urghhhh! Thank you knittyboard SP5!! Big HUGS! I'll enjoy everything!
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then a couple other secret pals arrived today too..from our stitch marker swap 1  aren't they pretty neat and the earrings or row counters either way they work.. so generous what a lovely secret pal and even thoguh I've hosted the swap I have no clue I don't recognize the addy... so it's really a surprise but I get to find out next motnh sometime right???? Thank you so much SMSP!
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Oh boy another package!! hmmm LOVE THEM! The've got to be the cutest most adorable markers that I've ever seen.. WOW!! Very impressed!! Thank you SMSP!!! a mermaid, sheep, fish, colorful nubby ball, and a smooth one, so beautiful all glass blown I'm sure of it!!
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Jennifer said...

What a lovely haul! Very nice!

Michelle said...


just wondering, will theere be a stitch marker swap #2? I'm interested to join, as i miss the first one.