Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stressful week already! I have 2 new pairs of socks ;o))

Now remember this is all happening while theres hole in my yard from the septic pump guy (whos on the way out, a man on the roof cleaning the chimmney, trees being cut aorund the house and driveway, then of course my little girl trying to go outside and wants to play in the hole in the ground and wants to see, the deck was just stained and both the front and back doors so I'm trying to keep her away and my son so he goes to play in his room and be good... errrrrr! I can't be everyone at the same time then move vechicles and everything going on at the same time...phones ringing, screw that can't do it already split myself into many directions

My little guy was climbing on his plastic totes I got for him to keep his cars and trucks cause he likes to push them around the house, well he climbed up on them alright he fell and hit his head, knocked himself out cold! about 20 mintues or more I couln't keep him awake when he opened his eyes his eyes would roll in back of the top eye lids...I rushed him to the hospital wihtin 30 mintues they took him in right away he was stil lvery sleepy and groggy then too. then we got him to stay awake and be aware of where we where and what happend, then they sadate him to have a CT?
which the ER doc said he'd be fine and I could take him home... now this afternoon
The DR calls me and insitsted that I brought him back in right away like right now which I did, we home now again.. He defiantely has aa full confusion since he was out so long and lots of swelling which it's gone down some today which is good. He seems ok but tired and keeps complaining of his head hurts the poor thing.. They said that we have to watch very cafefully that he can have internally bleeding in 72 hours after the truma to the head and that
since he has had a concusion in the past, had emergency surgery on his head last year and this blow that if he hits his head again int he next week or so that it can be death!! They couldn't stress upon that enough... How the heck am I going to make him stay down for that long he's a little boy and loves to climb... HE can't climb, no swings no playgrounds, no outside int he yard nothign that he may fall at? He did this in his bedroom> errr! maybe I should put a helmet on him I said jokingly they said nope! DO IT!!! yeah right like he'd keep one on 24/7! I was so worried when they said that I had to bring him in right now right away....but to hear that not once but a ocuple times over and over then explin to him again he can die his in a HIGH risk alomst 100% that if he hits himself again he won't make it?? No why in the world did the ER doc let me take him home last night??

Oh well I'm in for a hell of a week I think and the DR explained to my 5 y/o no wrestling with her brother for a while if he still has headaches and continues that his head hurts in the next day or so and still sleep drowsy I have to take him back..
I'm sooo stressed I need a break!! He just wants mommy, cuddle and kiss him on his booboos, yes more then one on Saturday afternoon we were at a playground next to a Clam/lobster boil that we were at and my DH was right with him then I walked over to tell him something my Ds was on the see saw wioth another kid who decided to jump off whiel my DS slides off the see saw end goes smack down and hits him right on the face side of cheek.. Sao now he has a little cut beside his left nose/cheek and side of head with lots of brusing and swelling then this yeaterday on the right side of his head actually the entire right side of his head is one large bump was like a boulder egg but like I said it's gone down way down

so were chilling and cuddling he's getting lots of kisses and hugs and attention...the poor thing I think I'd be out cold right about now, he must really have a hard head! I 'm just worried about the rest of the week and weekend.. Is it possible to keep a 4 y.o down that long?? I guess I'm going to find out ... I think I need to stalk up on chocolate to keep me going with him.

Bad luck usually comes in 3 so I wonder whats next?? I'm on the look out now.....

I did manage to finish these the other day! Anoushka from London, UK knitted one with the Regina and it wasn't the right size so I swapped with her for it there perfect

Then last night after coming home I recieved these from a sock swap I was in on the Townsend-socks-knit-long-group.. I sent Nancy my teal Ample socks and she knitted these with lovely German trekking sock yarn in a basketweave pattern.. They fit perfectly....

Now when I can seriously sit, relax and knit on a project... This is my hectic life just a little sampling of a basic day in our house......I should've taken up juggling and joined the circus??...... Wheres DH Working AS USUAL!!! day/night and weekends to this time of year.. Those bad boater people he's had his own dilemas this past week too! Dumb employees grown men that need to grow up and they do stupid things wreak boats, flip the finger to customers at a boat ramp, I dont' need to say no more or I may go on about that...Just stupid expensive things!!


Jennifer said...

Oh, no!! Poor little guy. I have no thoughts on how to keep him calm and not climbing things. I've got a three year old son, I can't control it. It's like they gotta move, you know?

kmckiernan said...

So sorry to hear about your little guy, I hope he's feeling better soon! Quite a little handful you have keeping him still, I feel for you!


What a nightmare day! I hope he is feeling a bit better now and that you can at least take five minutes to sit and drink some herbal tea and breathe deeply. Breathing deeply is my new tactic for trying to cope with everything. Sounds obvious yes, but sometimes it does actually help. Thinking of you.

mf said...

beathing deeply!!! Weekend coming up!!! EKKKS!!! How many cars can we play with, books to read, color, painting, puzzles, relaxing which I wish would be a little longer.......Thank you!