Friday, September 30, 2005

New WIP Debbie Bliss's"Lara"

I just started this, this week. I'm about half way done, it's knitted very quickly for me too...Flat knitting then fold in half and seam very simple really. I seen a sample in a store when out of state and the pattern called for 18 balls of Alpaca Silk, way to expensive I thought. The sample that was hanging in the store was knitted with a replacement yarn of 6 hanks of Bartlett so I thought I'd go with something a little softer and picked up Cascade 220. I hoep to be done next week sometime, I'm getting cold these days and need a sweater that I can quickly put on/off since the temperature is up and down.. Good ole New England weather for you...

Can you believe it something for myself finally other then socks...heeeeheeee if you all really knew how many projects I don't post about, you'd all think I was totally NUTS!! I really do either knit alot or really fast......;o)) I amaze myself sometimes

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Jennifer said...

I knit this last year and loved it! It's such a fun knit. Enjoy it!