Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Ring

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I took about a DOZEN OR PICTURES, BESIDE BEING THE ONLY ONE WITH THE KITTY UNDER MY HAND SHE INSISITS.......This is probably the best picture that I'm going to get... I think my DH has great taste in jewelry..  It's my third sapphire my birthstone of course but also a favorite anyway. the setting also sits up  a bit with like latice type high prongs for each diamond... kinda like the family ring I had designed a couple years ago but the lattice work is more like tulips type setting. Gourgeous color and 14 diamonds to go with it....hmmmm I wonder what he's trying to tell me......hmm?? (beside that he still loves me)


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! What a thoughtful husband!

Sedie said...

Beautiful! Sapphire is my birthstone too. . . happy birthday (whenever it is this month ;)!

Zonda said...

Very beautiful! You lucky girl!