Monday, September 12, 2005

My Birthday Cup Cakes.........NOT! Or is it!?

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Ok well not exactly birthday cake cups but definatley My little cupcakes aren't they adorable?? My son really wants this pink one but little does he know I'm making him a chocolate & blue cup cake hat for himself.. He can be such the little girl sometimes I swear....
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I'm going to make a half dozen or so for little gifts for the kids in the family, cousins, etc. Of course I may add some jimmies with white or colored yarn peices for the little ones and beads for the older kids......Who doesn't like al ittle cup ckae, even DH had to admit they were cute... There's some free paterns for hats on  Chole Con Yarne's blog... There all so cute but these had to be the cutest and most unique and how the kids hate to wear hats in the winter I thought they'd be perrrrrrfect!! Super quick to knit up in an evening too. I just used some left over junk and wiped one up to try and they really do fit a variety of heads but the others I'm going to make about 1/2-1 inch longer on the ribbing because the girls with hair it gets a bit slippery.

One hat I'm going to alter the pattern a tiny bit and make it to match my cousins strawberry shortcake theme of everything she owns.....but do the entire thing in red/pink color then on the top decreases use green and the pom pom green or brown for the stem and black specks .. Hopeully it will work...  Does anyone have some extra time I can borrow to do all these??!!  lol pretty please... really need more time


Jennifer said...

Those hats are so cute!

Zonda said...

Very cute hats! Good job!

Happy Birthday! (belated :)

Take care! Zonda