Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lovely Handspun Teal Colorway from UK

Oh My! my! my! I'm impressed with myself and my friend purlpower.. WOOOHOO!! You can see the deep teal color compared to my ties in seagreen..It's absolutely beautifully colors and spun perfectly if I do say so myself.....The sheen is beautiful I ended up triple plying this yes thats right triple ply and it's still a beautiful laceweight/fingerweight type of yarn...  I can't rave enough about the color and the way it drafted, spun and how lovely the yarn turned out, I'm totally impressed with her for choosing this herself someone who doesn't spin yet so is experimenting not know what to look for she's totally magnificant! I folded the roving in half and spun on 2 different bobbins because I wanted to make socks so I wanted to be sure they were perfectly even. I spun them the same and very consistant too. so the singles totalled 211.8 yards and after playing I have 2 perfectly even skeins of  70.6 yards each. It was from about 1.7oz of roving maybe less.. I was planning on sockies but now I want gloves for myself so I can show this lovely lovely yarn off!! I Love it! (and a bonus merino, too!) and no sticky?? I wonder what the secret feed is over in the UK for the sheep.  The picture doesn't do this any justice really!
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Wow! You've worked wonders with it! If you ever need any more I can try and get you some, it's from Scotland so maybe they have a secret recipe for success up there although I think you should take some credit as spinner.