Friday, April 28, 2006

Airport Field Trip w/FO

It's been a long crazy week but we had a field trip with the school yesterday. Just to a local small airport. The kids had lots of fun. A pilot took all the kids and let them have turns pretending they were flying a plane. Just like JJ the Jet Plane... Chris wanted to fly his sister, Katie around. Can't imagine what was going though his mind after he jumped in the drivers seat?? hmmm Katie's going right for her seatbelt thats for sure....

well now what does he do?? no clue??? To many things to choose No one they can get this plane off the ground....

the pilot who was our handsome tour guide took us for a ride around the flight lines, runways and hangers. the kids are amazed heres one landing not to far from us in the cart ride.....If only you could see their faces!

Yes, the airport has ducks?? They aren't even sure why either! They are cute hungry little buggers

This plane is for sale for the mere little price of $475,000! Holds 25gals of fuel on each wing and you can go from MA-TX in only 9 hours with stopping twice for avaiation gas at around $4.00+ per gallon.... Hey you can even take another couple, lots of leg room, better then a commercial flight....I think the kids are trying to figure out why were taking pictures of them by the shinney thing.....This particular plane does have J.J. on the side too...

Back to my regular schedule FOs
Yes, socks! Sixth Sense Apr/May sock pattern from the SixSoxKnitALong

Used just under 2 skeins Koigu KPPM yarn in Orange Sherbet lovely spring shade I recieved from a lovely swapper on the coffeeshop boards. Cast on 66sts, US DPN 1s I really like them but am going to RAK them to someone.....I'll just have to get more Koigu won't I??

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laura said...

well gee those are cute socks! giggle, but i never had any blue streaks in MY orange sherbert... odd name, huh?
great pics of the kids.
what memories! do you keep a scrapbook too? i still have one from my childhood.
ps tell us more about the "coffee board" ??