Monday, April 17, 2006

Desparate Search for UFO (Our Anniversary)

My DD has been waiting so paitently well over a year or more for her sweater I started, the pattern called for 600 yards (less then what I'm using) I had started with 4 skeins @ 185 yds per skein which was 740 yds I shoud've had plenty. As you can see how far I got. It's a Rowan pattern.I think it's a typo issue. Moss stitch, is why I'm thinking it's using so much yardage. Gauge is correct too. I have the cutest little button that are a differnt shade of pink so it'll contrast nicely I think or maybe an off white. Can't remember where I put either at the moment. I did put them away for safe keeping for htis project. Anyway I'm in desparate need of a skein or little more to finish sleeves & 1 front panel for her cardi in Sirdar Pure Cotton DK yarn #040 if possible dye lot #118361 would be great but at this point not neccesary I just want to finish it for her.....before it won't fit her. Good thing I went up a size for her...I was hoping she'd get a couple years of use out of it. Not to mention this project has been sitting for so long I almost forgot I had those addis....Been looking for them thought I lost them.. Phew! There safely collecting dust getting older.....
Here I found it but can't seem to find anyone carrying it to purchase myself but looks like it's available? Hopefully someone around will have some in their stash they don't need or leftover from a project? Maybe?

here's the shade card

thank you! thank you! thank you! I appreciate you all checking for us!

Oh and it's our 7th Anniversary today too! I can't belive it's been that long already...Hubby had to work today..Bummed! I got up with him at 5:30am this morning for coffee and cards, have a nice day.... Now what to do? Wednesday my DD turns the big 18!!! WOOHOOO She's an adult.. (she continues to remind me) All she has is the right to sign papers herself and vote!! Kids these days are so different then we were thats for sure.

Have a great Patriots Day!


trek said...

Happy Anniversary!

Wish I could help on the yarn problem.

Ariannah Armstrong said...

Happy Anniversary to you! Good luck on finding your red yarn!

mf said...

Thank you Ari! It's actually pink..;o)