Saturday, April 15, 2006

Small Crisis & New KAL

Well this may look like an ordinary matchbox SUV right? My kids have been collecting and playing with them for years we must have 100s

take a little closer look the spare tire and accessary part that hooks on the tire there is missing.

Well my little sweet angel DD shoved it so far up her nose this morning that after several attempts to blow, sneeze, tweeze it out just wasn't going so well. Called the DRs office. Off to see the DR at the office we went, no they can get it either to far up sent to hospital #1 ER nope off to hospital #2 which they called ahead to let them know about a forgein object lodged up into her sinis now and may need sugical procedure to remove it! Lovely! 4 y/o in tow, whiny as can be of course. Now at this point she can't eat or drink because of possible sugery with general anesteshia need having a hard time breathing, starting to not be able to speak because she can't open her jaw far enough because the darn thing is really wedge and not on it's side it's the wide way now like flat and can't grip with instruments to get it out. On the way to hospital #2 sitting in weekend tourist traffic of course. Kids whining hungry, hurting, nose swelled like the size of a grape now. moms starting to panic. calling anyone local that I had numbers in my cell phone to help me with the little guy, bring food snacks anything. Left messages for DH on cell and at work. Of course just my luck everyone is totally unreachable! Perfect timing! Cell phone batteries dead whatever! DH probably out on a boat & unreachable reception! Hospital #2 took her in right away as soon as we arrived.. Phewww! Little man came in with us. Dr #1 has no luck. Dr #2 not much help and phone the OR and called a surgeon down to the ER.. OH GREAT! Back on the phone, want to start history and pre op.. Wonderful nurses helping with the two of them scared out of there witts!. DR #3 looks again and uses some fancy smancy gadget hmmm , leaves the room gets onthe phone has another DR #4 from the OR come down to meet him in the hall. mind you my kids are feaking out! then all these DRs and nurses come in with small small thingy, looked like a cath.. Held her down she kept fighting my DS trying to stick up for his sister screaming and kicking them around the bed, that was totally pricelesss. (Wheres the camera when you need it...) The DR #4 was so sweet, kind, understanding and explained everything to my DD. He showed her this cath looking thing. Looked like a plastic sewing needle with no eye had this tiny button on the end that popped a tiny little moist balloon. he shoved that up the sides of her nostrils around the edge of the lining plunged it a few times trying to nudge the wheel aorund so it could be pulled down. the gadget was like what they use inside veins or arteries for ballooning blockages.. last resort before carring her upstairs for surgical procedure for removal of forgien object. A couple attempts and it wasn't working very well. It was really stuck at the top of the nasal passage where it curves to come out in the throat or somthing from the sinis of how ever it works in there, they were explaining but hard to hear with screaming kids! Anyone we all took a quick break to re-adjust and hold her down a little tighter and a couple more nurses too. Shes a fighter! WOW! I never knew she had it in her. So DRs #3 & #4 are over her with these instruments tools things, I'm laying across her chest and holding her arms and hands trying to comfort her. DS jumped up on the stretcher but everyone was trying to keep him away from er face, he was so worried & scared for her. He cried sreamed trying to shove his way in to see what they were doing to her. He wanted his wheel back for his truck!!! LOL They tried one more time and I think she was getting tired of fighting us they finally got it spun after a few more twists it was out! PHEW! They said they see alot of forgien items like, beads, legos, foods, etc but this thing was such a good size they were a bit a worried.. All worked out. No surgery Crisis over! Thank God! Why on earth do kids do these things I'll never know?! The nurses were so nice, my son was just devastated over it and wanted his wheel back the nurses took it and got rid of it! He wanted them to glue it for him and give it back. NO WAY!! She may have some minor bloddy noses and should come out. If any clots of any size come out then back to the ER we have to go of has trouble breathing over the next day or two.
Then DH comes home with a couple bags of Jelly Belly Jelly beans.. OH NO WAY!! I swipped them right into the kitchen cabinet those go...

Now for my recent finer related adventures
I signed up for a New Knit-A-Long, purchased the pattern a couple days ago and my plan was to finished my Soliel get off the needles & cast on for GG heres the pattern GG this morning but didn't happen

I went through some stash yarns and am planning on making a couple but first the small size which calls for 2 sks of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I have these two shades to choose from and it's a tough decison. I'm still baffled about the whole day


Sorka said...

WOW! Well that is an exciting day! Why didn't they just give her a sedative!! Eeek! so cute that her brother was looking out for her!
(You didn't put Jelly Beans or thos little chocolate eggs in her basket did you.. it's not to late to take them out!!)

Jennifer said...

Oh dear... I'm so glad they were able to get it out without operating! I hope you have an uneventful weekend. :)

Mandy said...

Oh wow what a day you had! I am so gald that they got it out without surgery!! I hope that she is getting some rest after that! Enjoy your new yarn and knit along!! Happy Easter!

javede said...

That so sounds like something my little brother could have done when he was her age!
Glad it came out without surgery and hopefully she'll never do something like this again!
Happy Easter

Mitchypoo said...

Oh my!!! Kids!! I'm glad it turned out OK and she didn't have to have surgery. I just couldn't help but laugh about her big brother. :) Nice blog, I like your colors and the beautiful teapot on top.

bunchkin said...

Wow! What a crazy day! When my brother was 4 he stuck the crotch of a Gi Joe so far up his nose that they couldn;t even see it. They used COCAINE to widen his nasal passages and finally were able to get it out! Can you imagine? We joke with him all the time about his juvenile drug use LOL He is 19 now. Have a hopefully peaceful weekend!

Dani said...

I SWEAR I am NOT laughing at you but this just happened on the House repeat Iw as watching on USA... a kid put a kitty, a fireman, a cop and a firetruck up his nose - the little metal ones? House picks up this heavy duty magnetic wandy thing and says "Ive always wanted tot ry this" sticks it up the kids nose, and pulls these things out!

Im glad everything is ok, and while it may seem that DS was only interested in his whell, Im willing to bet he;d fight that hard if anyone was messing with his sister regardless!

Happy Easter! (and good call on the jelly beans LOL)

aija said...

OMG, I was on the edge of my seat til they got it out! Sounds like you handled the insanity quite well... Happy Easter!

Carolyn said...

Gosh what a day you've had! Glad they didn't have to resort to surgery.

I've joined the GG KAL as well - knitting mine in SWTC Soy Silk.