Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Completed Soleil & Gift

Finally after putting it in the bottom of a bag somewhere for the winter months. I took it out last week and finished it! Here's Soleil.
I used some sort of yarn from Denmark, Hjerte Diamant cotton/viscose gauge was good in a beautiful shade of blue. Knitted size 42-44
I like the top but a little disappointed with it. Sorry I didn't get a photo wearing it. Dh said it's to short....I even knitted it an inch or two longer then the pattern called for. It's sorta like a belly type top, should be ok during those dog days of summer and kicking back around the house or maybe I should gift it to someone.
I did get a little gift from DH last night for our Anniversary. A very nice card that says:

"Sometimes we let affection
go unspoken,
Sometimes we let our thanks
go unexpressed,
Sometimes we can't words
to tell our feelings,
Espeically towards those
we love the best."

I leave too many compliments unspoken,
too many of my thank-yous go unsaid,
Too many times the right words just escape me,
and I tend to hope you'll read my mind instead,
And I'm not sure I'll ever get much better
at saying all I ought to say to you,
But please believe, I always, always notice
how wonderful you are the whole year through.

I Love You

and a pair of gold hoop type earrings. They aren't as heavy as they look


Jennifer said...

What a sweet card and gift your husband got for you.

Carolyn said...

Ah, what a sweet poem. He's a keeper!

kat said...

very nice sweater. great color blue!

ericah64 said...

OH, it looks great! Funny, I've been drawn to horsehoe lace lately, too. And that story about the Hot Wheel wheel was hysterical. It sounds like something that would happen in mY family!

laura said...

great earrings.
idea to fix top if you have more of the yarn. turn inside out. pick up entire row 2 rows above the gorgeous hem. now cut and knit on another 3 -4 inches and rejoin.

Sock Hook'r said...

I love the Soilel!
And the card is great as well.
Happy Anniversary

Anonymous said...

Nice card! Your hubby sounds very sweet. Yup, he's a keeper for sure.

Katie said...

Wow Mu DH gave me that card for out last Anniversery.