Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fun Weekend Festivities

Planted all my cotton seed, hmm I hope they'll grow here in Massachusetts? Only time will tell. I have horrible soil I think. Hard to even grow grass and last year all new loom was put down...
I picked up a couple fleeces today at Soule Homestead Sheep shearing time I couldn't resist. I got a greyish color shetland and a tunic cross maybe can't remember exactly.. Absolutely gorgeous, the crimp, sheen, 6-8" staple everything.. I had given one fleece away, am using part of another and the new one for a demo at my daughters class this coming week. Think we'll make little bracelets/necklace and felted balls. It's kindergarden not sure what else we can do but their working on farm theme thing, animals and making sheep things. It'll give them a hands on activity too. My daughter brought in some clean fleece for a project last week she was doing herself (but I gave her enough to share with the whole class, also as part of show & tell thing too) so when the teacher called me to see if she could use the donation I sent in for the projects, (I guess my daughter didn't rely the message properly.... Surprise surprise)and would like me to come in this week for a talk and project stuff with the class on sheep.. Was the only things that come to the top of my head at the moment.
Did a little spinning, a short nature walk, some craft activites, felting, picked up a couple plants one's a neat variegated hosta(I have them all along the back yard, we had to split them up and put some out front lastyear they were so big they just so hardy I cna't kill them!), watched Andy ( from Hogget Hill Farm, Bratleboro, VT)sheer the sheeps(he actually comes from Vermont to quite a few festivals around here, such a sweet man, I do see him at a few places myself we've exchanged email addresses so he can be on the look out for more specific fleeces for me....heehee), sheep dog demo, helped with a booth or two. Lots of answering people questions which I got stuck for most of the day doing which I didn't mind at all, so hard to really concentrate on spinning thoughout the day, just so busy but fun busy. I think I'm actually talked out. I know some of you may find that hard to believe... Yes, it's possible!!
Oh the kiddos were running around bails of hay maze too.. Good & tired tonight! YEAH!

then getting home for a late dinner, pizza delivery! Shortly afterwards my mail shows up finally but to my surprise look what I found instead of bills today!! A very generous gift from a special lady who've I've never metbryghtrose How'd she know I 've really taken a liken to Lorna Laces lately?? She sent me these two very colorful skeins in 'Sweetie' Awesome shades of purple, pink, yellow and maybe blue... Reminds me of sweet tarts candy colors. What a perfect name for sure. I can't wait to see what this looks like knitted up..I'm horrible at picking out colors for myself so I always tend to purchase natural colors. Not that I'm afraid of colors, I love colors. I just don't know whats going to look good or not. I opened up a skein and it's very pretty indeed!I LOVE them! Thank you very muchbryghrose!! I'm going to have some happy feet!

After what my crazy life's been like lately, this was really a most enjoyable day!
(honestly much needed)
Now to sit curled up with my kitty on the couch with a glass of Pinot Grigio and some sock knitting relax & unwind!

whats up with the clock setting. I've tried all the EST and there all off. I posted this exactly midnight on my PC but the datestamp shows 10:50pm instead of 12:00am. Anyone know how to set the correct US - EST time?


Carolyn said...

What beautiful yarn! bryghtrose is such a sweetie isn't she? She was gifting to me for SP6 and she well and truly spoiled me!

Mandy said...

What pretty yarn!! You are going to have some very happy feet!! I hope the kiddos slept in for you!!

laura said...

one thing you could make with the kids - find those plastic eggs that come apart, and they can wrap the wool around them and make wool eggs.