Monday, April 10, 2006

Beautiful Spring Day Clearing Out! & WEE Little Tiff!

Well it was a beautiful day this afternoon especially at our house today.
This is one of the largest trees on our steet thats for sure.

I certainly won't miss the back breaking job of racking at least 10 LARGE LAWN BAGS per week of annoying oak leaves & acorns. It's very close to the house and each year we use DH pick up truck with ladders on the bed and jump from the top to cut back branches.. Not a pretty site thats for sure... fun but scary...Dh would make my nervous when I was on the ladder, he'd jump and do weird stuff....

her he goes in the bucket thing

it sure is pretty loud and my house has been doing some rattling....ekkks!

isn't the sky soo bright and blue today!

What a mess I hope there going to clean it all up! Not I! (hope not anyway)

about 45 minutes to an hour later here's where they are now

this is what it looks like now

The company sent the tallest bucket truck today, we have about 3 more coming down (scrub pines)next but the biggy was first because they needed so many guys to help. I was told before hand to keep away from the windows and that end of the house becuase they though it may break something coming down... I'm going to miss all the shade this summer in the yard but it could be a good thing right?

Now back to some yarn story... Very bummed! I was at the grocery store the other day and those stupid belts you put your groceries on well lets just say I had a little tiff with one the it WON! Yep it did!
Look!! This is all thats left of my STR emergency yarn keychain! VERY VERY UPSET about it...

You know the store manager wouldn't even take that thing apart for me either ;o() I offered to do it and put it back the way it was too....Guess you could say that I'm a little obsessed you'd say! I was attached to was STR yarn!! Dont' they understand??



How heartless can they be?!

trek said...

Dumb employees - we should stage a protest, set up a boycott, make them pay. Maybe Blue Moon will send another one to you if you email them and ask nicely?

:L, Laura said...

bad store manager! hmmph!
bet he'll get holes in his socks from the grimy gremlins gnawing!